Water Management Products & Services

  • Design, supply and installation of attenuation and soakaway tanks
  • Prefabricated attenuation tanks
  • Geomembrane installation - Ponds, Lagoons, Car Parks
  • Rainwater reuse tanks
  • Diffuser units
  • Fabrications - Chambers, catchpits, manholes
  • Flow Controls
  • Pump Stations
  • Water Quality Solutions
  • Sewage Treatment Plants

Attenuation & Soakaway Tanks

Hydro WMS’ offer a unique approach utilising our extensive industry experience in design, supply and installation of SuDS solutions.

Our in-house design team allows us to provide a tried and tested practical approach to drainage design. We can often identify cost savings by rationalising designs, reducing storage volumes or simply selecting the most appropriate product.

Hydro WMS can model drainage networks and offer Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance allowing us to take on design responsibility.

We have a range of products and solutions to suit all design criteria, this includes:

  • Shallow installation
  • Deep installation (5m+)
  • Irregular shapes
  • Prefabricated
  • Inspection and maintenance

All Hydro WMS attenuation tanks are fully welded using proprietary wedge welding techniques in accordance with CIRIA guidelines.

Hydro WMS soakaways are modular systems designed and installed utilising the same high quality injection moulded units combined with a non woven geotextile.

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Geomembrane Installation

Impermeable Geomembranes

Hydro WMS are able to supply and install a range of impermeable Geomembranes including:

  • HDPE
  • Polypropylene (PP)

We install all our Geomembranes using propriety wedge welding techniques in accordance with CIRIA guidelines.

In addition to attenuation tanks our Geomembranes can be used for:

  • Permeable car parks
  • Ponds
  • Reservoirs
  • Lagoons
  • Gas barriers

impermeable geomembrane

lldpe, hdpe and polypropylene, pp geomembranes


Offsite Manufacture

Hydro WMS are able to offer a range of complimentary prefabricated products which can reduce installation time and costs on site and also minimise Health and Safety risks.


Diffusers are small cellular structures used in permeable paved areas to aid the passage of water or increase the storage volumes. Hydro WMS stock a range of standard sizes and bespoke sizes can be fabricated on request.

diffuser, small cellular structure used in permeable paved areas to aid the passage of water or increase the storage volumes.

Prefabricated Chambers

Hydro WMS can offer preformed chambers ranging from 315mm to 3,000mm usable as a basic silt trap or to incorporate specialist products such as:

  • Advanced Silt Trap
  • Flow Control Unit
  • Pollution Control Units
  • Penstocks
  • Non-return Valves

prefabricated water chambers

advanced silt trap, flow control unit, pollution control units, penstocks and non-return valves

Flow Controls

Including Orifice Plates

A Vortex Flow Control Unit or Orifice Plate is designed to regulate the flow of water before it discharges into the water course or sewage network. Choosing the right Flow Control can have a dramatic effect on the volume of water required to be stored on site.

Hydro WMS offer a range of Vortex Flow Control Units and Orifice Plates which can be tailor made to suit any application. Hydro WMS can check the suitability of each Flow Control using industry standard software.

All Vortex Flow Controls supplied by Hydro WMS are manufactured to the highest standards using Grade 304 or 316 stainless steel.

flow control valve, flow control, mass flow controllers

flow controller, a device for controlling water flow, mass flow controller

Packaged Pump Stations

Using a simple concept designed for situations where civil work and installation time must be kept to a minimum. PPS are prefabricated and available in various sizes, supplied complete with all the necessary equipment for fast and simple installation.

Applications include domestic wastewater for a single household right through to large housing developments, industrial units and commercial premises. Indeed, any situation where sewage or surface water needs pumping to a mains connection.

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package pumping stations, packaged pump station, packaged pumping stations

Sewage Treatment Plants

Independent systems

For any application, domestic, residential, commercial or industrial, where there is no access to a mains sewer by gravity or by pumping, Hydro WMS sewage treatment plant provides an extremely safe, efficient, reliable and cost effective solution to sewage disposal.

All treatment systems meet and exceed Environment Agency and all regulatory requirements for process efficiency and final effluent quality.

The design of the system takes into account all those aspects which we have found to be important to domestic and commercial customers alike. Products are tested and CE certified to BSEN12566-3, which achieving industry leading test results in both process and structural efficiency and, as such, has achieved a worldwide reputation for quality and efficiency.

For gravity systems there are no mechanical components within the treatment plant itself thereby ensuring that maintenance is minimal, simple and safe.

Pumped versions are available, negating the need for a separate pump chamber.

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